5 Ways To Make Your Back To School Transition Easier

Photo credit: Elizabeth/Table4Five / Foter / CC BY It’s that time of the year again, time for the kids to go back to school. There are plenty of parents that treat the beginning of the school year as a holiday, because the kids aren’t around the house as much leaving trails of mess in their

More Summer Treats To Make With Your Kids

(image via The Nerd’s Wife) Maybe you saw our previous post about summer treats that you can make with and for, your kids. Plenty of you saw it and recommended it, so we thought it would be a good idea to throw out a few more now that we are in the dog days of

Kid’s Book Reviews: The Skunk

The Skunk Great for readers of all ages, but best for ages 6-8. Why We Picked This Book To Review: Every now and then, I do judge a book by its cover. And the cover of The Skunk really stood out to me. It reminded me of classic children’s books from my childhood, and thankfully,

The Top ChoreMonster cities in the United States

If you like data like we do, (especially chore data), then you’ll get a kick out of this visualization. It shows the top cities in the United States that use ChoreMonster. With over 12 million chores completed on the app, it looks like the hardest working kids are in Salt Lake City, Utah! Congrats to

What Todd Frazier and my son taught me about being generous

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson I’m taking a quick break today from talking about ChoreMonster to tell a story and brag on my son. I know that I’ve used this blog at times to talk about the more difficult aspects of parenting and step-parenting, but today it’s all positive. About a month ago I took my son

Modeling Hard Work For Your Kids

When you were growing up, chances are your Dad or Mom modeled hard work for you in some way. You might not have understood it as a child, but the older you got, the more you realized that they not only had a job to do away from the house each day, but made sure

Send Your Kids To Summer Camp

Photo credit: Christiana Care / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA Summer Camps. They’ve been around forever and are still going strong through most of the country. Have you ever sent your kids off to a camp? If they are old enough, it’s a great way to break up their summer routine and give them what typically