Should we spy on our kids?

Photo credit: via / CC BY-ND As your kids get older, they become more independent. The days of games on the IPad are traded for their own social media accounts and lots and lots of texting. When they are younger, we worry about screen time and if they are using their devices more

10 Pet Chores For Kids

Photo credit: Cia de Foto / Foter / CC BY If you’re a parent that has kids who are old enough to speak, you’ve probably had this conversation once or twice. Child: Mom / Dad, can we get a dog? (Or cat, or fish, guinea pig, ferret, snake or rhinoceros) Mom/Dad: Well, pets are great,

5 Great Family Summer Staycation Ideas

Photo credit: }{enry / Foter / CC BY With summer in full swing, it’s time to get away. Away from your job, your home, and your normal routines and go on vacation. What? That’s not in the budget this year? Yeah. We understand. With expenses piling up there are some summers where it’s just not

Are parents too overprotective?

Photo credit: Xavier Donat / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND This week, The Atlantic published a very interesting story titled “The Overprotected Kid.” The story talks about how we, as parents, protect our kids in ways that were unheard of with previous generations, and is even foreign to how most of us grew up. It’s hard

3 Great Recipes Your Kids Can Cook

Last month we provided three threat tasting recipes that your kids can cook. Did anyone give them a try? Well, today we have a few more ideas for you to let the kids into the kitchen. Take advantage of a snow day or a slow Saturday to experiment with some fun foods. We bet your

New Ideas For Cheap Family Nights During Summer

Photo credit: Skakerman / Foter / CC BY When the kids are out of school and evenings become a bit more flexible, it’s time to start gearing your family night’s towards the season. Here are a handful of great ideas you can try this summer with your crew, and they are all affordable. Outdoor movie

More Summer Treats To Make With Your Kids

(image via The Nerd’s Wife) Maybe you saw our previous post about summer treats that you can make with and for, your kids. Plenty of you saw it and recommended it, so we thought it would be a good idea to throw out a few more now that we are in the dog days of