ChoreMonster vs. a nation of brats?

Photo credit: ThrottleUK / / CC BY-NC-ND I ran across an article recently that appears to be a hot topic among parents today. The question that is being asked isn’t the one I expected to hear. Parents aren’t asking how to get their kids interested in doing chores or even asking about age appropriate

Kid’s Book Review: Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer Best For Readers Grades 3 and 7 Why We Picked This Book To Review: We picked Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer because it’s fun, well written, and has some great life lessons to share underneath the goofiness. Our Review: If your family has ever had to

New Ideas For Cheap Family Nights During Summer

Photo credit: Skakerman / Foter / CC BY Summer is right around the corner, and even now, the temperatures are in the summer range from time to time. When the kids are out of school and evenings become a bit more flexible, it’s time to start gearing your family night’s towards the season. Here are

10 Summer Outdoor Chore Ideas For Kids

The weather is slowly warming up for most of the United States and summer is just around the corner. All of a sudden, for many of us, the lawn is actually green again and needs pretty regular attention. We are also getting slammed with rain and that scottish guy on the commercials begging us to

Thanks Mom

Photo credit: ~PhotograTree~ / Source / CC BY-NC-ND Mothers Day is this Sunday and it got me thinking about how important Mothers are. I know this isn’t a groundbreaking statement or anything, but it’s true. Where would we be without the Mothers that have been part of our lives? You might have a traditional Mom

Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Photo credit: lorenkerns / Foter / CC BY Mother’s Day is this weekend and it’s a great opportunity for Moms to be appreciated. Being a Mom can be a mostly thankless job, and we should all take the time to appreciate our mothers, or the mothers of our children. But let’s be honest, kid’s aren’t

Kid’s Book Reviews: Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids

Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids Best For Readers Grades 2 and up Why We Picked This Book To Review: Sometimes our book reviews take a serious spin, and other times they focus on pure fun. Laugh out Loud Jokes For Kids is clearly for fun, but until you and your kids read it, you

Confessions of a lazy ChoreMonster Parent

If I haven’t admitted it before, I’m doing it now. I am a lazy parent. That’s right, I said the words you’ve probably said to yourself many times over. But don’t feel bad about it, you aren’t alone! Lazy parents unite! Well, maybe not, I mean, who has time for that, right? All kidding aside,

Chore Reward Ideas: Marvel’s The Avengers

This week marks the release of a brand new Avengers movie: Age Of Ultron, and we are betting that you and your kids are pretty excited to see it. As you get ready for the film, or maybe after you’ve watched it once, or twice, here are some great chore reward ideas to add for

Introducing: ChoreMonster for Apple Watch

At ChoreMonster we care about every household being a joyful place. Well, that, plus making kids laugh with farting monsters. With both, our mission has always been to bring families together with our technology. We care more about Family Interactions than Screen Time, and ensuring the least friction possible when families complete chores around the