Introducing: ChoreMonster for Apple Watch

At ChoreMonster we care about every household being a joyful place. Well, that, plus making kids laugh with farting monsters. With both, our mission has always been to bring families together with our technology. We care more about Family Interactions than Screen Time, and ensuring the least friction possible when families complete chores around the

Why Reading Aloud To Your Kids Is So Important

Photo credit: Jason Lander / Source / CC BY I looked around the room at my family and saw them hanging on every word that came out of my mouth. They looked like they had one foot in the world I was describing, as if I was weaving a tale that had come from my

5 New Recipes Your Kids Can Cook

Last month, we offered up a few suggestions on foods that your kids can help with in the kitchen. Of course, older kids can do lots of this themselves, and will gain confidence from every occasion you ask for their help in the kitchen. Enjoy these five new kid friendly recipes and let us know

How old should your kids be before they get a cell phone?

Cell Phones. They are a gigantic part of our culture today. As a parent, it’s hard to believe that something none of us grew up with is now an essential element of our daily lives. I’d venture to guess that not only do most of us have them, but that most of us use them

How Chores Set Kids Up For Success

Photo credit: Daddy-David / Foter / CC BY A 2014 Braun Research study surveyed 1,001 U.S. adults and found 82 percent had regular chores as youth, but only 28 percent mandate the same for their children. I’ve written about this topic in a different way in the past, so it was refreshing to see another

5 Inspirational Parenting Quotes

Hitting the midweek lull when it comes to parenting? We all feel that way from time to time, so today we thought we would point you towards 5 inspirational quotes, related to parenting, to remind you why you do what you do.

When You’re Sick Of Nagging

Photo credit: jessica wilson {jek in the box} / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Here at ChoreMonster, we know how important chores are, and how vital it is that they are kept age appropriate. Of course, we didn’t come up with this popular chart that seems to make the rounds through social media channels pretty regularly.

Kid’s Sports: Where is the line between fun and burnout?

Photo credit: StuSeeger / Foter / CC BY There’s a growing trend in the good ole’ US of A, and it has to do with our kids and sports. Kids playing sports aren’t anything new, I played baseball, basketball, and football growing up and for the most part loved it. My parents took me to

25 Easter Crafts, Recipes and Ideas

Easter is this weekend, so today on the ChoreMonster blog, we thought it would be fun to track down some great posts from other bloggers across the web. But today, instead of highlighting just a few interesting items, we ran around and snagged 25 articles about Easter for you. There are plenty of recipes, Easter

5 Delicious After School Snack Ideas

If you’re a parent, you know how important after school snacks are for your kids. And you also know how important it is to make sure they are just the right balance to keep them happy but not spoil dinner. Today, we take a quick break from School Lunch ideas and give you 5 great