New Ideas For Cheap Family Nights During Summer

Photo credit: Skakerman / Foter / CC BY When the kids are out of school and evenings become a bit more flexible, it’s time to start gearing your family night’s towards the season. Here are a handful of great ideas you can try this summer with your crew, and they are all affordable. Outdoor movie

More Summer Treats To Make With Your Kids

(image via The Nerd’s Wife) Maybe you saw our previous post about summer treats that you can make with and for, your kids. Plenty of you saw it and recommended it, so we thought it would be a good idea to throw out a few more now that we are in the dog days of

3 Ways To Add ChoreMonster To Your Summer Reading Program

Photo credit: alex.ragone / / CC BY-NC-SA Schools across the country are emptying as summer gets underway for most families. Your kids are excited to be home and to play outside, stay up later and be free of homework. And they deserve a break, they worked hard and hopefully are prepared to move forward

10 Summer Outdoor Chore Ideas For Kids

The weather is slowly warming up for most of the United States and summer is just around the corner. All of a sudden, for many of us, the lawn is actually green again and needs pretty regular attention. Along with these seasonal changes come a change in seasonal chores around most households and there is

School’s Out, Time To Change Your Chore Routines

Photo credit: Instant Vantage via / CC BY-SA It’s that time of the year for many parents. The time when our schedules take a dramatic shift as school lets out for summer break. Many families transition right away into a different schedule, and with that comes a different chore schedule. In the past, I’ve

Why You Can’t Take Away ChoreMonster Points

Photo credit: Lotus Carroll via / CC BY-NC-SA One of the most common feature requests or changes we have heard since ChoreMonster started, and that we continue to hear, is one that we will not change. I know, that sounds a little stubborn, if there are enough people asking for a feature change, we

When Chores Are The Law

This week, while bouncing around the web from site to site, I ran across an interesting news item. The story is about how in Spain, children being required to do chores may soon be passed into law. Here is the gist of what I’m referencing, from the article. The measure, which would be part of