School’s Out, Time To Change Your Chore Routines

Photo credit: Instant Vantage via / CC BY-SA It’s that time of the year for many parents. The time when our schedules take a dramatic shift as school lets out for summer break. Many families transition right away into a different schedule, and with that comes a different chore schedule. In the past, I’ve

Why You Can’t Take Away ChoreMonster Points

Photo credit: Lotus Carroll via / CC BY-NC-SA One of the most common feature requests or changes we have heard since ChoreMonster started, and that we continue to hear, is one that we will not change. I know, that sounds a little stubborn, if there are enough people asking for a feature change, we

When Chores Are The Law

This week, while bouncing around the web from site to site, I ran across an interesting news item. The story is about how in Spain, children being required to do chores may soon be passed into law. Here is the gist of what I’m referencing, from the article. The measure, which would be part of

5 Brand New Chore Reward Ideas

It’s been too long since we brought you some new chore reward ideas. To bring you up to speed, we like to highlight fun stuff that your kids might like to get as chore rewards. After all, they aren’t saving their ChoreMonster points for nothing! Here are a few that might fit in well for

5 Delicious After School Snack Ideas

If you’re a parent, you know how important after school snacks are for your kids. And you also know how important it is to make sure they are just the right balance to keep them happy but not spoil dinner. Today, we take a quick break from School Lunch ideas and give you 5 great

Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Photo credit: lorenkerns / Foter / CC BY Mother’s Day is this weekend and it’s a great opportunity for Moms to be appreciated. Being a Mom can be a mostly thankless job, and we should all take the time to appreciate our mothers, or the mothers of our children. But let’s be honest, kid’s aren’t

Planning For Your Family’s Future

Parents, you work hard at planning: ChoreMonster, practice schedules, meal planning . . . . in fact sometimes all the planning can feel overwhelming. So many of us get so wrapped up in planning the day-to-day that we forget to plan for the future. Consider Kathy’s story. Kathy is a 59-year-old grandmother, a widow with