ChoreMonster Kids iOS App now Live!

One of the pieces of feedback that we’ve received most often from our beta users is: “Where is the mobile app?” We’re happy to announce that it’s here! The kids portion of ChoreMonster can now be downloaded from the app store.

What does it include? The ChoreMonster iOS app is compatible with all iPod Touch and iPhone devices, and allows children to log in, check their chores, mark chores complete, redeem rewards and of course, check on the monster gallery.

Have an old iPhone or iPod Touch that you’ve passed down to your kids? Now your kids can track their chores on the same device that plays Angry Birds! Not a ChoreMonster beta tester yet? If you sign up at, we’ll let you know when we launch.


25 older comments on “ChoreMonster Kids iOS App now Live!

  1. I am trying to register for this app but it keeps telling me I need an invite code. Where do I get this code???

  2. How are you receiving this feedback? I’ve been all over the website looking for a way to contact support to close my account and can’t find an email or support link anywhere?

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  5. IOS App doesn’t seem to want to update the done chores, even though logged in fine. It complains that it is not connected!

  6. I downloaded the app,filled in all the info for my children and myself and registered…. But it won’t let me past the “get started” screen. Very frustrating. Please help.

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